Hope in a time of pandemic

Hope in the Epidemic Time is a weekly meeting prepared and presented by Father Suhail Khoury, which sheds light on the life of faith through the reality of daily life with the Corona pandemic. The program is broadcast live every Monday at 1:15 pm The program will be repeated: on Wednesday at 1:30 in the morning and on Saturday at 9:15 in the morning Jerusalem time, the Holy Land

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Here I am sending you

Here I am sending you weekly meetings with bishops and priests monks and nuns and consecrated women who testify to the Lord and share in their life experience, their vocation and their presence in the Holy Land. Sister Camelia Khoury, a Sister of Nazareth, is preparing and presenting the program.

The program airs every Wednesday at 9:45 am.

Young people testify

Youth witness weekly meetings in which young men and women testify about the Lord's work in their lives and their experiences with God. The program will be broadcast on Friday at 1:30 pm. Prepared and presented and presented by Abeer Shagrawy

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Electrography in our life

The liturgy in our lives Weekly meetings with Bishop Moussa Al-Hajj about the Maronite liturgy and its livelihood The meeting will be broadcast on Sunday at 9:00 in the morning.

Christian formation